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Company: i-to-i TEFL
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher)
Location(s): China

i-to-i TEFL

Head East for an epic adventure in China! With an amazing mix of ancient traditions and futuristic cities, living and teaching in China will be a life-changing experience! You’ll spend up to 4.5 months teaching English to Chinese students in the incredible Guangdong Province in Southern China, where you’ll eat, sleep and live like a ...more details

Company: Oyster Worldwide
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher)
Location(s): China

Oyster Worldwide

Our China Adventure combines travel, gaining a TEFL qualification, teaching and learning mandarin into one exciting programme. China will blow you away with its wealth of culture and its diverse beauty.  From The Great Wall of China to the Terracotta army, China has so much to see that visitors will never get bored. China, now the second ...more details

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